ItsBlitz's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi! Welcome to my 2nd ATC Tracking thread!

My recent one couldn’t let me edit because of the 3 month edit limit that ended on May 8th. This one shall only be open a month or so since I will be taking my Written Test May 17th!

Im trying to become an IFATC after my birthday in May, I currently training and learning to become the 5 star ATC you need!

I’m currently Open!

Airport - KLGB | Long Beach Airport
ATC Service - Tower and Ground

Departing Runways - 26R 26L 30
Landing Runways - 26L 26R 30


Feel free to fly around and help me train, Thank You!


I think this should be in #atc


Yea noticed it the second i posted, changed it lol


I’ll stop by!


Give me one second!

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Ill come by for some pattern work

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If you are still open I’ll drop by in 5 mins!

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Great! I currently have 3 aircraft :)

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Very good controlling, thanks for the patterns :)

2 Mistakes i believe i had @Sashaz55
I believe i said the wrong message after telling Sashaz to extend downwind, is “Turn Base” the correct option? Also, i accidentally gave you hold position command for 26R which i couldnt find Hold Short. I also think i gave you wrong instructions after you wanted to land after your transition, correct me if im wrong. :)

I accidentally asked for intentions with @James_Wright

Hi @Kamryn

Just a bit of feedback for you!

  • Firstly you cleared me very late, almost every time on late downwind, this should be done on late crosswind or early downwind!
  • Secondly you were over controlling with unnecessary messages like pattern instructions , when remaining in the pattern sequence me and then clear me, ok!
  • What I liked was when I requested a red runway and you said unable, but then you left me to femd for myself and did not give me another runway.
  • Very importantly as well, you didn’t notice I was lined up with the wrong runway, 26R when you cleared me for 26L, you need to improve your spacial awareness, this is important.
  • Also your transition was top notch!

Well done today!
You kept the flow of traffic well, well done. Just make sure not to over control and practice spacial awareness! You are well on you way to IFATC!
Happy Flying :D


Although you weren’t meaning to be correct with the “ask for intensions” it was correct because I hadn’t announced my inbound lol

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Yea, i had forgot i assigned you right pattern work and not left so I thought you were departing to the North for a minute but then I realized lol.

Thanks for the feedback @Captain_Cign ! I did not know that I had to assign another runway after saying “Unable” and i was also pretty aware of you going 26R which I had thought you overturned, which is why i thought you went for a go around. Ill keep working on everything you said!

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Hello! Lots of feedback from me!

  • For my first runway change you told me to enter right downwind for 19L, this is not the best move as it’s a lot easier for you to maintain control while controlling if aircraft are doing right hand patterns on right runways and left hand patterns on left Runways.

  • The second thing is kinda outlined above but just remember that if I’m in right downwind for 19L I have to cross across aircraft on final for 19R, probably at a similar altitude. This could have been an air collision and we don’t really want that.

  • For my second runway change you did very well

  • When I was on my second pattern for 26L you told me to extend downwind when I hadn’t even turned base yet. I understand why you told me to extend my pattern but a better command would be the I’ll call your base command.

  • Again, for my change to 26R you kept me doing left hand patterns, think about if the airport was busy, there is a big change of an air collision.

  • Departure And Transition altitude was correct

  • You sent an On Guard message to the F22, he was above 10,000 feet and not in your airspace

  • I never received a pattern entry when I came back in the pattern, when you don’t have approach you need to give every inbound aircraft a pattern entry.

  • Remember Pattern entry (If needed) → Sequence-> Clear

  • I said I was inbound for landing but got a cleared for the option after the option make left traffic command if I said I was inbound for landing a Option covers that but the second part is not needed. You only have to say cleared to land

  • My exit command was very late, try for 55-65 knots

  • A better command would be exit runway when able hold short runway 26R that way I wouldn’t have to request to cross

  • I noticed a few of your response times were slow, try to keep that time fast so if you have lots of aircraft they aren’t waiting.

  • All in all well done!


Don’t quote me on it but after denying my intention I think that is the right procedure!

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He was around 4500 feet AGL when i sent him an On Guard Message :)

Thats why I choose this airport since it has unique intersections. :) I will keep practicing!

I had confused you with @Captain_Cign , sorry!

I belived you would’ve been already exiting so I tried going for the fastest command possible!

I appreciate your feedback!

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Ok, he was climbing fast so when the voice said it he was at 13,000

I’m currently Open!

Airport - KSEA | Sea-Tac international Airport
ATC Service - Tower and Ground

Landing Runways - 16R 16C 16L
Departing Runways - 16L 16C


Feel free to fly around and help me train, Thank You :)

american 2284 spawning rn

I didn’t close my thread,sorry bout that. I’ll be back open tomorrow!

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