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Im going M0.80 AT fl360

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Pushbacking now

Im taking FL380 Because of Headwinds.

My plane is stalling, im so heavy and them headwinds are crazy

Jacksons going down. MAYDAY

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Tommarow At Same Time, the headwinds are at 90KT

I’m accelerating to .85, these headwinds are brutal.

Alright! Me Too

Lol that shaved the estimated flight time by 30 minutes!

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I left my phone in the garage when I left the house so my mom turned back to get it XD, I did land tho about 10 minutes after you.

Yeah, did the approach controller bother you?

Yea, I did a go around because I was to high on APPR lol


When arriving to SJC from SEA, fly from the north, descend, fly over SFO, continue over the mountains, then turn final Runway 30L. :)

So glad that SFO is not included :D

lol, I’ll look at a few pics on how to approach and depart :)

Don’t forget the right loop when departing Runway 30R :D


image image image

My photos from the flight today. Sorry I stalled out, the winds were really bad


Whens the next leg @Kamryn?

It is KSEA to KSJC.

Information ℹ️:

Aircraft and Livery: Alaska A320
Flight Time: 1:35 Hours/Minutes
Departure Time: 1:30PM PDT
My Callsign: Alaska 2101 Flight Of X

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Count me in :)

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