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Hello Community! Im ItsBlitz, Ive been planning this for a while now and the time has come! I will be doing a Round The World Journey with different Commercial Airliners. With over 100 legs, I think this will be a fun trip! This may take a day, a month, a year, who knows?!

I will be starting the next flight is on Wednesday 6:00PM PDT, from MMPR-MMMX

The Bold is the current or next route.



People Who Attended So Far


Thank You Guys For Attending 😉

Extra Notes: According that I have done about 5 legs in 1 week, so far we have 102 Routes (Route List Not Even Complete 🤣) We May average 100 Routes in 20 Weeks Which is April 8th 2019. But with maybe and extra 30 routes to the list, May 20th, 2019 is the (Expected) finishing Time of our Journey

What happened to your first WTW Journey?

I’ve been inactive on that one so I asked DeerCrusher to close it so I can make a new one but with different routes.

If you would like to join me on one of my routes, comment below!


I’ll try and make to all of them, as I was about to try something like this myself.

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That would be amazing!

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What sever? Ill love to join in. Was about to start my own but doing it with another person is better

Ill prob swap between Expert and Training, Ill be flying Training for My first flight

Ok if you could possible do TS for the whole thing ill be happy to accompany you

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Can’t make it to the first leg though, as I have school until 12:00 that day (luckily its a shortened day for the thanksgiving break.

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I can delay it :O Look wat I just did

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@BigBert10 look, it’s San Jose getting it instead of SFO


SWEET! Have fun on our journey! 😃

Remember: Land on 30L and depart 30R at SJC


I’m also gonna make a pit stop at KSNA (I got to visit my very own hometown airport)

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Departing PAJN to KSEA In 3 Hours!

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@Kamryn xoud You postprone till 2pdt

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Mkay Sure ;)

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In 50 Minutes is Our First Flight!

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Training :)

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I will not be attending todays flight sorry i made you postprone ill try for flight two.

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I’m Spawning In!

Departing in 15 Minutes!

What our cruise speed and alt?