ItsBlitz Drawing Thread

Hey Guys! I’m making a new thread for my drawings. You will ask, why not just used the Remade Request A Drawing and Well Draw It” post? Well that is more for Requesting Drawing while this is all my drawings that no one requested and I made for fun!

The old one closed since school came my way, but now I’m out so i can make a bunch of Sketches!

Currently Working On: A321 China Eastern Airways


Some fantastic drawings on your old thread! You should maybe think about making a aviation drawing instagram to show your work.

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That’s a great idea! Maybe I will!

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Almost finished with the TUI, but here’s something from yesterday!


That’s an awesome drawing! Looking forward to seeing some more!!

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Hey! Sorry to make you guys wait! Here’s the finished product!

I’m currently going to start on the Alaska 739 new Livery tommarow!

I also used my lucky Click 07 Pencil =)


All Finished with The 737-900ER Alaska! Took me 3 Hours!


Bro you are good at drawing

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Thank You, I started drawing planes at 3 :)

I like the 737 Max TUI

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It’s amazing! Keep it up!!

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I’ve decided to put the Fiji A330 before the Egyptair but here is the Fiji :) next is Egyptair 738


That is very very good

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I love it

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Awesome drawings man! Keep up the good work…
here’s some advice:
1.Use a ruler for the body and wings of the aircraft
2.have more variety as I see you drawing mainly 737’s.
3.shade a little bit.
Trust me, these points will make you a great artist my friend!
I have went to many art schools and this is all from my knowledge… I also draw aircraft…

Thanks for the Suggestions! I’ll do that next time I do use a ruler btw :)

But I will not be doing drawings as much until May when I get school off!

The good news though is that I opened a charity to CharityWater .org where I raise money for water. I am currently posting my aircraft drawings there!
I’ll give the link shortly

I’m going to start on a Saab 340B right after I finish @ThePraetorian ‘s A321 Jetstar. It’s very very close to be finished!

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Finished the Saab 340B JAC

I had many failed attempts at the WestJet, so instead I did the Japan Air Commuter Livery =)


Damn that looks so real
Keep up the amazing drawing skills

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