It's very cold @CYYZ 20FEB22

omg hello again

been a hot minute since i’ve gone spotting, or posted on instagram, or posted a spotting topic (i’ll try my best to make these more than an annual occurrence) so why not

excuse: grade 12 and university apps wish me luck

anyhow, all-nighter pulled, snow day celebrated, calc test postponed, and homework completed, i set out to the airport on sunday for some plaens, got some fotos, and ran into a friend by the name of derek macpherson (follow him on instagram @dmairplane)

as per usual a toronto spotting trip isn’t a toronto spotting trip without some inclement weather conditions, and a clear sky always comes at a price. the canadian winter was out in force today, and very lovingly embraced me with some frigid 30-45kt winds.


the affectionately-named baby bandit, descending past the apron tower

an air canada triple pushing back out of the E gates

this swoop B738 pulling out of the deicing pads after a frost inspection, and will be remembered as the single pilot to do so the entire day

air canada’s C-FNND battling some frosty crosswinds as it returns to the tundra following a near two-year sit in the desert at KVCV
this bird was towed straight to a gate, and operated a commercial flight to vancouver the next morning

while the etihad livery definitely isn’t at home in the freezing cold wasteland we call canada, it sure looks good in the snow at sunset

finally, here’s C-FIUL rotating out for frankfurt 40 minutes behind schedule; she would arrive 10 minutes early some 7 hours later

if you think this photo is blurry, well you’re right, but it was getting dark soooo


if you’re interested, this is what i use:
canon 90D
canon EF 50mm f1.8 IS STM
canon EF-S 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS STM
sigma 100-400mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM contemporary
sigma 16-35mm f1.8 DC HSM art

thanks for viewing :)


The whites look sooo good with the snow on the ground! All shots are phenomenal but for me the first one beats the rest by an inch


Nice shots man! Really awesome. lol u should come spot in winnipeg, it’s -40C with the windchill hahaha. Toronto is lookin mild right now :)

the weather is cold but the photos are heat 🔥🔥🔥

as a resident close to YYZ, i affirm it is cold

but these are some beautiful pics

This same aircraft is landing in Toronto in about half an hour!
Nice pictures :D

My god, words cannot begin to describe the distance my jaw fell when seeing these.

Stunning shots! Awesome job.

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Nice job mate keep on like that ! ;)

omg hi, beautiful shots!

This one is incredible, it really does a good job of showing the cool winter air! Is that YYZ using 33s? 😳

Wow! Great catches- that last photo is extremely elegant :)

Lovely shots man I love the A220-300

Is the first Air Canada an A220?

Very beautiful pictures!

Awesome pictures, especially that AC 77L with the CN Tower behind it!

btw good luck on your uni / OUAC applications, you’ll definitely be relived once gr.12 is over

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