It's Updated but Not Updated

Hello Infinite Flight Community

I saw that the update had been released I then proceeded to update as usual. Once it was finished I opened Infinite Flight and nothing had changed, there was no A350, C172, TBM reworks, the interface and maps were the same. Then I realised even though I’ve clicked update, my simulator for some reason isn’t updated.

Just wondering if you could help me here,

Luke :)

Restart your phone that should work

Hi Luke,

Go to the App/Play Store and Check what version of Infinite Flight are you using. A hot fix was also pushed before the update you might want to check that.

As in the old switch it off and on trick?

Yep that should refresh your phone

If the above doesn’t work, i suggest deleting the app and then re-installing. Sounds like somehow you got the old version.

Yep it’s fixed now, I updated the hot fix, for some reason the actual update hadn’t come up for a while but I’ve found it and updating now.
Thank you guys for your help! :)