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Hello IFC!

I don’t know if I can write this here, but it’s too bad to write it. 😢 I got 76% of the IFATC written test. The question was difficult, so I did not work hard. But I got 76%. I regretted it so much. I learned a lesson from this, and next time I decided to try my best to solve the question even if it was young. I’d love to join IFATC :) I respect and always appreciate all of the IFATC


Hey mate!
Just study the tutorials as well as the user guide and you’ll be able to do the written test in 2 weeks.
Hope to see you in IFATC soon!


I had 60-70 percent for 3 years before I joined, just don’t give up and you’ll get there


I got 76% on my first time too i was so mad cause i was one question off but then i just studied the manual and passed the second time


I’ve been in the same position I passed my first time but got a violation. I had to take the test again and I got a 72% I think. I was frustrated but I am planning on taking it again today or tomorrow. Just study the Manuel and tutorials like others said and you’ll pass your next time.


How do I take the test

Contact an ATC recruiter :)

Ok thanks , who did you ask?

Actually here… you can see all the requirements and persons you can contact from here:

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Great thank you so much

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One piece of advice: don’t take the exam easily. After studying enough, take the test. Study until you reach 100% on the practice test

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Where would the practice test be

Here’s the link to Create online tests hope you pass your next written exam study hard @BAK_UOV!


Tips on what I’ve heard

  1. Open you tracking thread once a day before in the week leading up to your test

  2. Take the practice test before you open and tell people what you need to work on

  3. For the day before, study the manual.

  4. Pass


Hey man!

I failed the ATC test 3 times! It was on my second go around that I was able to make it into IFATC! I’ve come so far and learned so much! You can do it!!


You are very close to the passing mark, keep it on :)


Same here, I almost cried when I too got a 76%.

Just keep studying, take the practise test and also start a tracking thread as it may give a hand when there will be answers

got a 100% on my 2nd attempt


I thought I was crying too

Thanks for that link @PilotA320. Really Helpful!!

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Get 100% on the practice test and take the written test

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