It's too expensive!

Hello everyone.
I have just realised that the 1 year IF Pro Subscription is way too expensive in PLN (Polish Zloty)
According to the US, the subscription costs $79.99 USD for 1 year.
You guys put PLN 339.99 per year for a subscription.
According to Google, 79.99 USD is 290.29 PLN. And you guys put a higher price.
Please fix this, as i don’t see a reason why it is more expensive than it should be.



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Yea that is a promblem unless there is some weird thing and they had to do that

For me it costs 85.99€ which is 367 zloty.

Hello SpeedPlayz.

Unfortunately but with reason, the IF Pro Subscription rose when Global came out. Many of us were upset, but we knew developers had a reason. Besides, it’s a great game! Sadly, you’ll either have to pay the full price, or just not buy a subscription. Or you could just buy a monthly subscription.


that’s euros. not USD.

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Some countries applies taxes on top of the price for in-app purchases, which is out of our control I’m afraid.