It's time to update

Hello everyone I know the infinite flight group worked so hard to make all these new planes and I thank you for that. It’s time to stop making new planes and work on somthing different in infinite flight I say you guys should start updating the other planes in infinite flight. Like update the looks of the planes with lights and everything. Maybe once you do that then I say you would make so boing planes not allways Airbus. So that’s what I think infinite flight should do. Happy landings!!!


I think the “very high” graphic option is available to make the planes look like FSX (no joke), what I think they should do is make better cockpits so the instruments actually move and all that jazz 🎷

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They’re doing this behind or backs, but they need to keep the sales coming in to do that!

Like you know the fronter logo needs to be updated already in the a318

You do realize the A321 is being updated, right?

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I feel this post was a little ignorant😐, not ignorant but something along those lines. I agree that other planes should be update, like the a330😉 but just or patient. The a321 is being updated, and I think the 787 will be in the works as well. We just have to wait.


All this negativity. Wow. Get in the groove man! Our developers are trying to keep everyone happy. They just bust a gut because everyone said give me Airbus then give me ALL Airbus. They do what we asked and yet you complain.

Matt&Phillippe are doing a heck of a job giving people what they want. It doesn’t happen over night.

We are all part of the IF community and it is growing in functionality. A lot is happening in the back rooms that you don’t see.

It will be alright. Just hold tight and enjoy the ride.


im not trying to be mean i just want somthing new

Something new is finally upon us, be greatful. No need for negativity. Thanks


Didn’t we just get new runway markings and airport upgrades?

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Some people are not grateful for the hard work the DEVs are doing and they never gave themselves time to say ‘Thank you’

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I agree, we need actual cockpit instruments that work. Even heinously ridiculous excuses for flight simulators
Such as Extreme Landings have working instrumentation…even if you can’t see all the details of it. Anyone with similar viewpoints don’t be afraid to respond and tag me.