It's time to travel again :D

It’s about time for me to travel again, some 6 months post-Nashville trip. :D.

If you remember the topic I made about my 102-leg world tour (that I never finished), I made a stop in Alpena, Michigan and pointed out that I have family up there, which brings me to the point of this topic.

I’m making the journey up to Alpena alone, the week leading up to Christmas (12/18-12/24), flying Delta all the way, with a 2.5hr layover in Detroit, to see family I haven’t seen in 8-9 years.

I will be flying in Comfort+ on the A321 taking me to DTW, and the 717 bringing me home from Detroit, with Main Cabin on the CRJ-200(s) that will carry me to and from Alpena, so I will be doing a comparison of the two products. It is my first time ever flying with Delta Airlines, so I have no idea what to expect.

As I am obligated to by the aviation gods above, and for content’s sake, I went exclusively window seat, choosing 12F, 11D, 11A, and 13E for my flights, in order.


We need a video, i never flight with delta. I wish to flight with them
So we need a beautiful video
Have a nice trip bro

Hope you’re happy with iPhone 12 quality video 😂

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Don’t worry, never be disappointed of iPhone 12. I have the pro max. And I have nice pic

2 seemingly forever lasting weeks later, the day leading up to departure has arrived. Check-in opened this morning at 9:40am and I finished check-in at 9:45am after paying for my one checked bag.

I was done packing on Monday, which in hindsight is probably overkill.

A bit more information about my two flights tomorrow: The A321-211 carrying me to Detroit Wayne Metro is 5 years old, delivered to Delta on April 12th, 2016, registered N302DN and operating as DL2880, leaving CLT at 9:40am. If anyone wants to spot/track me, feel free to! I will be leaving out of gate A3.

The CRJ-200LR taking me from Hockeytown to Alpena is substantially older, having been assembled sometime in 2002, so 19 years old, operating as SKW4252.

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