it's time to remove all closed topics

hello community I think it’s time to delete all the topics that are closed by the moderator. Example (all subjects who has a bell).

Because there are people who have not found themselves in the topics in the forum, thank you so much @Gregdu69.


This isn’t a feature request for in game… the features category is for things you’d like to see added to the actual app and not the forum.

Threads still have relevance even if they’re closed. A lot of information is hidden in them, I find a lot of the information I require I’m previously closed threads.


It’s #meta time.

Because I moved it.


Bobby, I was quicker.

4th quarter comeback touchdown. Levet 21- Robert 17 Final Score


Why would we delete all the old closed down topics for?

I find them to be a great reference for us to reflect upon.

To go back and see what we said back then and how it can improve things now.

I.e. A Support Thread, closed down but has a lot of valuable info in it. We can link it to a new user who may be facing the same issues.

So I think, we should keep things as is for now, unless Mods and Staff have other ideas in store?


Im so tempted to flag you off topic it’s untrue @Levet 😂


But… if I link a topic I can win it.

It’s really old, but the discussion has been had before. He’s definitely got a point, I just don’t see how useful it would be.

Edit: @Levet is it sad that your lie was the most liked comment in this entire topic? Captain JR swooped in ;) 15 likes for the win 😜

Edit 2: Mods can edit posts


If it’s against feature requests, then yeah fair enough. But the OP is talking about all topics.

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It’s not needed, moderators would tell us if our topics just be removed or deleted. Their a great resource for old info.

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so I ask all moderators to close this topic.🙂😀😃

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😂😂 touché Sir.

Its an interesting debate though, it might be worth keeping open.


I like having the ability to see a closed thread. Then we can see exactly what went on and not take comments from a biased individual in an argument. It also lets us see the attitudes and position of the person closing it,


We will take some of these comments into consideration in the future. Appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Some topics may be closed for comment but they may still offer good material and conversation so they are still visible. Older topics that date back before certain forum changes were made could be found in an open state particularly older feature requests.

Thanks again, Chris