It's Time for a New Trailer

I think I will actually watch the full video 😂

I’m crying. 😭

That was beautiful!

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Wow, that was so amazing! Maybe he should do a shot of the aircraft moving but the liveries change, showcasing all the airlines. Could get more players interested!

So fake but so real


No THAT, right there is a sign sitting there for you all right in plain sight, just like the cherry on your McDonalds shake! ;)


spent my last like on this video

mc Donald’s barley puts cherrys ontop of a shake 😑

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Maybe Laura is talking about Gear Tilt ?

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Maby she hints at airport buildings? That actually makes a really big difference when you create a trailer. All other things I’ve seen mentioned are not that visible in trailers. Global? You can’t really see the difference as someone who never played IF. Landing smoke? Nah, people won’t even notice when they’re new. But airport buildings would be very noticeable, right?

I’m pretty sure it’s not airport buildings as then we should create buildings for every single airport in the world once global flight comes out; but maybe that’s only for the main airports like KLAX, EHAM, KSFO… I think that some devices won’t support it through.

Yeah just for the popular airports I would guess. But it still could be anything. 😜

im gonna make a trailer

Can’t wait I love new trailers

It should include the new global terrain and it will be awesome

I’m planing on making a 2017 trailer which comes out on 1/1/17

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