It's time for a new airport! It's been a different airport for over a year!

What I want you to fix this time is the airport in Fukuoka, Japan. The airport is currently under construction to have two runways, but the layout of the SPOTs for international and domestic flights and the taxiways have not changed at all. The airport was renovated in 2020 and I thought it would be renovated around last year, but it is still the same. I want to fly in a real airport. I would like to see the various airports renovated as soon as possible.

The picture below shows the difference between the current airport taxiway and SPOT layout and the Infinite Flight taxiway and SPOT layout.

Hi there,

Airport Editing has become more internal recently meaning your request for an update cannot be confirmed at this time. It’ll be noted for future reference.



One thing that might be worth noting;

Even with the previous, larger community team doing this. It would most likely not have been updated.

There’s a few reasons for that:

  1. There’s over 30.000 airports in the world. Not every airport will always be up to date.

  2. There needs to be sufficient data & imagery available (satellite imagery etc) for the editors to base the updates on. These are usually not available for quite some time after a renovation or similar has been completed on an airport.


It is true that airport rework has not been announced at all recently.
This Fukuoka is also supposed to be renovated in 2020, but there was no mention of it last year either.

I hope they fix it soon.

Thanks for the reply.

You are absolutely right. I understand it too.

How long does it take to gather those resources, and is it often a year or more wait? Airports like Los Angeles update frequently. I understand that this is because they are popular. However, Infinite Flight User in Japan is a very popular airport with many people flying from Fukuoka and other cities.
Smaller airports, such as class D, may not have as much data, but Fukuoka Airport has already been updated to the latest version on Google Maps. That’s why I made this topic, because I think it’s in a position to renovate a long neglected airport.

It’s hard to say as we rely on third parties most of the time, not owning any satellites.

You’re right. But it’s not only that. Airports in dense populated areas also brings another opportunity to gather data, knowing the airport. Perhaps simply by visiting.

We’re also in a state where airports are handled a little differently in terms of updates right now. There will be more to this later on, don’t worry :)


I certainly don’t think I can tell you about the inner workings of it. I have an understanding about it.

I see. However, I don’t think it’s possible for people to go directly to the airport to enter the country under the current worldwide spread of disease. That’s because there’s been no recent renovation of the airport in Infinite Flight. I am expecting a major air renovation in the future.
But in the meantime, I hope you’ll keep this airport in your ear.

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