It's the time to change the livery!

Hello everyone, I did a flight to EIDW to LFLX with an Aer Lingus A320-214.
I did this flight because the registration of the plane in Infinite Flight EI-CVB is in the new livery.

Time: 2h05
Server: Expert
Aircraft and livery: A320-214, Aer Lingus

What the maintenance contains?

  • Livery change to the new livery
  • Seats passengers improvements
  • Installing vortex generators
  • And more…

Preparing the flight


Good bye Dublin!

Entering the United Kingdom

View of LHR.

Moonshots with the green livery

Entering France

Approaching to Chateauroux airport


The aircraft is now ready for the maintenance.


I’m pleased to say that the new livery was confirmed at Oshkosh 😀☘️🇮🇪


Awesome photos mate!

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Thanks mate for comment! 😃

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Yes, the new Aer Lingus livery was confirmed.


Never thought anyone else would be flying to LFLX! Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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It’s fantastic to here that the new livery is confirmed hopefully it will come in the upcoming update.

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Love the moon shot!

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Here we go with the results…

  • Vortex generators installed = ✔
  • Improved seats = ✔
  • Livery = ❌ painting
  • Clean and changing old things of the plane = ✔
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Will you be part of the crew ferrying it back? ;)

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Yes, once the livery is painting, the plane will return at Dublin. :)

I see, it’s still waiting for the reprint in LFLX! Thanks for the update, really nice idea!

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