It's pretty hard to see at night time flying.

Like literally I can’t see much at all. How do you guys able to fly during the night, especially taxiing? I think there should be stronger aircraft landing lights. IRL the landing lights are so strong and powerful. Also the cities should have lights. I know it’s pretty hard but if it does happen night flying will be much more enjoyable. Any tips would be much appreciated.


I was hoping that taxiway lighting was gonna be part of the update.


I generally just use daytime mode for taxi, and then switch to Night mode once in Cruise and everything is set. It’s really easy to adjust. ;)


If it’s night I just change the time to noon then once I get to the runway I turn it back to local time.

If you are struggling with the night views you can brighten your device display, change the time of day and review airport charts to become better acclimated to the areas that you travel.


This is the only trick or tip for now. I do the same.

Good idea. It’s probably best to fast forward to sunrise when in preparation for landing.

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OMG realty that will burn and rip your screen apart and kill your battery man!!

Maybe the moon and stars could be brighter so you can see the terrain?

Relax, you can dim it once you start your ascent.

My brother I agree with you. Not even taxi lights just at least raise up the brightness of the game at night

That’s what i do, honestly but still it doesn’t work.

Sorry my friend.

Try flying when the moon is out and fuller, see if it helps. Your contrast settings and the light in the room behind you really makes a difference. I agree it could be better but it is a lot better than what it was in the old version. They are making progress so we will see what the future holds.