It's Official: Swiss gets 5 A350 in 2025

Lufthansa Group has dozens of Airbus A350-900s and Boeing 787-9s on order, and these will be split between Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian. Personally my assumption all along has been that SWISS will get A350s, Austrian will get 787s, and Lufthansa will get a combination of the two.

As noted by @LiveandLetsFly, SWISS has formally revealed that the Airbus A350 will be joining the carrier’s fleet in 2025. SWISS put out a video to announce this, which is quite well done. There’s more to the video than meets the eyes, with lots of cool clues and references. For example, the alarm goes off at 3:40AM, which I have to imagine is a reference to the A340.

The expectation is that SWISS will retire its A340s when the A350s are delivered. Meanwhile there are no concrete plans to retire the A330s and 777s. It remains to be seen how many A350s get allocated to SWISS, though.


I’m very excited that Swiss getting A350 which Swiss gonna adopt Lufthansa new cabin interior. New Lufthansa’s First Class suit and New Business Class will be introduced on Swiss A350.


from goggle


Can’t wait to see SWISS fly this beautiful bird!


I’m sure @MxP love this bird too.


This was literally out of nowhere. I mean the whole thing about Swiss getting A350s isn’t new, but the video is kind of all of a sudden. Not complaining tho. :P


Actually it is new. Since,

Nobody could predict nor expect which Lufthansa Group could get A350 or b787 before. Like on Lufthansa, the B787was unexpected.


Honestly I am very surprised that SWISS waited this long to get A350s. They should have just ordered A35K instead of B777, as that would be more uniform with the A359 that should have replaced the A340’s before their retrofit.


true. But I could’ve sworn there were rumors like a year ago or something. I’m probably wrong tho :P

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Did not see that coming lol

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At the time, the B777 was the only quickly avialable plane sadly. That was the reason for the order, and not the performace of the aircraft actually.

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You’re right, there have been rumors as far as I know. However, I am still unsure whether this will be the final amount of aircraft, since that number is too low to replace all aircraft that need replacement, even if you take rhe young age of the A330s and the bigger size of the A350s into consideration. I am also wondering about the future fleet of Edelweiss.

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It was known that Swiss is getting A350s

Great news. Really excited. But I’m mad Brussels didn’t get a new long-haul :(

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I can give you some insights into that matter though: Recently we had a guest lecture at my uni by the fleet and route manager of Brussels Airlines and to put it that way: The A321XLR is more than just on the cards, with pretty concrete plans already in the works :)

Oh wow I didn’t know that. That’s massive news, thanks! Hope you’re enjoying studying Aviation Management :)

Looking forward to seeing their a350 fleet found this off google
Hopefully we’ll have one in IF sim someday 🇨🇭


I hope that Edelweiss will get also A350 😍

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I am kind of unsure what they’ll get. Logically, I assumed that they would get the A330s from Swiss, but some of the routes they fly with their A340-300s would be out of range for that aircraft type. Thus, I am not sure what will happen considering they mostly take up used aircraft from other LH Group members. I could see them operating the remaining LX A340-300s for some time, but after that I also think that the A350 might be on the cards. Of course, the B787 might also be the case, but considering the A330neo won’t be ordered by the LH Group only those two options (with the first one being preferential) exist from my point of view.

Edelweiss gave all the A333 to Eurowings Discover because they want to keep the A340 in the fleet. I think they dont take A330 again. Edelweiss is also an Lufthansa Member and i think they are also able to get A350 from LH

Edelweiss also said they want to keep the A343 until 2024. And the A350 are coming in 2025. I think it can be also a new aircraft in the fleet. Or they get B777 from Swiss but idk.

They will maybe get the 777 when Swiss decide to retire them…

Probably in a long long time ahaha

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