It's not showing my signature

Helo! I just made a payment for a 1 month subscription, but when I log into my IFC account, it looks like I don’t have the PRO! help me!!

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Maybe restart your mobile device, and relog into Infinite Flight to see if that would work.

ok, i will

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did not work! when I try to connect to my account this appears

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Are you using multiple devices, and logging into the same account with the pro subscription you purchased? If so, that may be your issue.

i am using only one device

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the problem is only when I try to connect or connect my IFC account

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You didn’t sign in before making the subscription purchase? If so, what’s the callsign of the new account? :(


Hmm. This is a bit strange. I am not quite sure what is happening. Maybe you used the account you were previously using to purchase the subscription, and you tried to log in using that same account. Therefore it saying that your account is already linked with an IF sub. If so, this may be beyond my capabilities to fix the issue. See @schyllberg’s message above.

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I haven’t logged in :/ , what do you mean the callsign of my new account?

I’ve already managed to log into my IFC account, uninstalled it from another device, but my signature doesn’t appear… 😕

You purchased the subscription without being signed into your account, which resulted in the creation of a new account as the app had no idea where else it should put it :)

It should be fixed now though, as i found what was needed to transfer the subscription.

Restart the app and check again now.


I just saw it and the signature on my account has already appeared. Thank you! 🙂