It's not fun today

What happend today there is no airport with full ATC… (TWR, GWD, DEP, APR)… it’s really hard to plan a flight when it’s getting changed every minute… I wanted to make a flight from EHAM to EGGW and on the 5 minutes I was activating the infinite flight Pax and the flight assistant all of the airplanes are in JFK no one is in Luton… I know it’s free day but I think it’s not fun… When the airport are scheduled there are a lot of airplanes in one airport and you can enjoy real flight experience and real ATC experience

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But people can fly to we’re they want to go! Plus on the IFATC plan India was a focus but you could fly to one of the other airports.

The point is that every minute the airports and the Atc location in beeing changed

What server wa s this on anyway.

Expert server…

We understand your frustration.
This doesn’t happen often, and we like to be able to have the freedom of opening anywhere in the world. VABB is the current hub, so during this time period you should see VABB staffed. Next up is VHHH.
If an IFATC stays on for less than 30 minutes at a class D/C or less than 60 minutes at a class B/radar, that’s a different story.


Ok, well still they have schedules and they can poke were ever they like. Plus who was your controller?

If you don’t like how IFATC is staffed feel free to join to help out. Otherwise we are all volunteering our time so get off the soap box.


Yes… But in 15PM just ground and tower and in 16PM just APR and DEP… You can’t enjoy the full experience

Right, sorry, but I’m sure you are not suffering. I’m not coming to blame… I just think it’s better to have one airport on focus

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And I will be glad to help out

Hey, IFATC controllers have lives outside Infinite Flight. We will do our best to open airports but we cannot garuntee constant service. Complaining about it, is quite frankly, not going to change anything.


You’re not suffering either. Send me a message to apply. We can’t force people to keep a single airport open or force them to control for longer then an hour.

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I’m not complaining… If you understood it like this I’m sorry

OK… And you know what? I want to volunteer too. Where should I go?

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Feedback noted