It's New Camera Time

Yes, I can now not spot with blurry photos! I received my Canon EOS 250D (SL3) for Christmas and I started my first ever session today! I cannot wait to see what new opportunities this brings in my future photography!

Start-Up of my day is this Challenger 300 arriving from Van Nuys!

One and only European A321-200 from Charlotte 🇦🇶

A Southbest 737-800 from Dallas Love Field ❤️

One of my favorite liveries is United’s Evo Blue as it arrives from Denver 💙🤍

An Atlas Air 747-400 carrying the Miami Dolphins! Supposed to depart tomorrow at night 😔

A shot before dusk! Shiny American A321 from Phoenix ✨

Had the wrong settings :( The Pixar Pier livery from Alaska with some pink clouds!

I appreciate you viewing! I will be spotting way more often as I’m having tons of fun with this new camera :)


Nice pictures!!! I love the Southwest and the Challenger

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Beautifully done!

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Ayeeee, you can now read the “Connecting People, Uniting the World” decal on the front haha

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Loving that paint job on the Challenger 300. Sharp photos!


Stunning shots Kamryn!

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Loving the American A321!

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Indeed! Very pleasant surprise to see executive jets on the 26’s! They usually land over by the 19/1’s!

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the remove chromatic aberration button is looking really neglected rn

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Where the heck is that, I could’ve really needed help with that

SL3 gang 👀

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not sure where it is on mobile but just look up a tutorial or something

Your pictures is really amazing !

Good job mate

Outta the hearts, thank you!

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Wow very nice impressive photos , I especially love the united 737 evo blue very wonderful.

Unfortunately, I think it would be better as “Southworst’’


okay uncultured swine

jk, but you not liking southwest is just no

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dont make me

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Alaska is the best!

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