It's More Fun In The Philippines: PR 721 from London Heathrow To Manila

This is my second long-haul flight in the A350, an aircraft I absolutely adore.

Server: Casual
Callsign: Philippines 721 Heavy
Route: London Heathrow-Manila
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 XWB
Registration: RP-C3506

Raccoon parked at London Heathrow Terminal 3

Cargo being loaded in

Sunset over Scandinavia an hour into the flight

The Heart Of The Filipino!

Sunrise over the Mongolian Desert

Touchdown on Runway 24 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Finally parked up at NAIA Terminal 2


Great pictures


Love this picture. It makes the feeling feel so real. I love it when your in the air and you look out over the wing and you can’t see the ground so your not sure exactly where you are.

Great photos

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Looked like butter! Why was the FPM?

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Thank you for your comment! The sunset and the beautiful winglets of the A350 made this a rather sweet shot to take. I also love that PAL has incorporated their colors on the winglet, which complements the shot even more.

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Cheers for your comment! If I can recall correctly I was at -200-230fpm when I touched down in Manila. I hand flew the aircraft on final and so I wasn’t focusing on much else but landing as best I could :)

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Epic shots, I remember I tried to do the reverse of this flight (RPLL-EGLL) but failed because infinite flight crashed. The scenery was pretty good from up to where I saw it

Strongly agree.