It's good to be back Infinite Flight!

Hey IFC,

After a short break from Infinite Flight PRO, I’m glad to be back and flying again. I was away longer than 90 days so automatically, I got reset to grade 1. After multiple landings, flights and 1 long haul, I am now back at grade 3 where I can enjoy the beauty of the expert server and Infinite Flight. The photos I am sharing today are from my one long haul which was from Rio De Janeiro to Amsterdam in a B772 KLM.

Those little details

Server - Training
Aircraft - B772 KLM
Flight time - 11:00

Alright, Now it’s time for the photos. Note: Photos are as raw as possible. Editing is at a minimum apart from the photos which were very dark. Those photos have been brightened.

I’m really just admiring the actions that are available for this aircraft here.

And I think all of this is amazing!!

Ok lets get on with the flight now… Start of taxi.

A shot of me lining up with runway 33 at Rio.

And Rotate!

Departure with the beautiful scenery of Rio surrounding me

As I reached the point in between the two continents, I experienced a truly wonderful sun set.

And now it’s got very dark for a moonless night at my approach at Amsterdam Schiphol.

And Touchdown!

I hope you liked my photos. Please leave feedback in the comments as I only want to get better.
Have a good day and I’ll see you in the skies!


Cool Photos!! Glad ur back with us on Pro C:

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