It's considered an ILS approach if I

It’s considered an ILS approach if I use the airport’s/airspace’s provided arrival/approach guides (i.e HUULL2-H24RZ @KLAX) right? or am I wrong

No, not necessarily. There are different types of approach types in the charts. STARs or Standard Arrival Routes only contain the initial routing. The real “approach” is the APP. Here there are different types of those in IF and the charts. Approaches like I19R, I36R are Ils approaches, as they contain the letter I. Approaches can also be visual or GPS approaches for example.

Here is an overview of the different types which can all occur in charts as well:


An ILS Approach consists of actually intercepting the glideslope and localizer. You can use those charts listed to help you achieve that, but simply using them for navigation does not qualify as an ILS Approach. Take a look at this page from the Infinite Flight Flying Guide for more guidance on how to fly the approach type.


Thank you for this explanation, I asked because I always request ILS but never really knew if I was doing that, what should I say to ATC then if I always do what said I did?

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I don’t quite understand what you do—are you wanting to follow set altitude restrictions to the runway as designated by approach charts (GPS Approach)? There are multiple requests you can make when with Approach (visual, GPS, ILS, radar vectors, flight following), so it just depends on your—or the controller’s—preference. What do you have in mind?


Just to follow my flight plan and its altitudes, that seems like I’d be fit to request the GPS approach thing

Yeah, that sounds like it would be a good fit. A few other options if you want to mix it up:

– Fly an ILS approach if you’d prefer a precision approach. You can follow your flight plan up until intercept.

– Fly a visual approach if you’d like to establish visual contact with the field and proceed from there visually to the runway.

However, if you just want to follow your flight plan and corresponding altitudes down to the runway, a GPS approach will work fine. Learn more about the GPS approach down below.

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Also this can help you choose between approaches at airports.

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