Its Cargo Time

Hello IFC,
Early this week I had the opportunity to interview with a company that does the UPS cargo ramp here in Reno. Well after the interview was complete, they offered me a full time position either working 0430-0830 sunday through thursday or 430 pm to 830 pm tuesday through saturday. I will be loading/unloading the planes as well as moving the cans and operating the tugs that haul the cans, the k-loader, and also be pushing back as well. Im extremely blessed for this opportunity and cant wait to share it with others. I forgot to add. I will be working with the Airbus A300-600F and the Boeing 757-200

As always comments and questions are welcomed!!


Wooo congrats. 🎊

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I’m very happy for you!!!
I have a family friend that used to work on the ramp with UPS at the Billings Airport in Montana.

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That’s super awesome! Great for you man. But I don’t like the airline you’ll be working for (for obvious reasons 🤣)

They do the FedEx one as well… I didn’t have a choice

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Oh well if you didn’t have a choice I guess I can forgive you

Wanted to FDX. But they put me on UPS