It's Blog Time


WHOOOOO!!! Congrats Jason for making this!


This is going to be an amazing outlet! Thanks, Jason! :)


I Like The Llama 🙂

// JR


Looks very swish, great design effort team

Look forward to following it!


Untrue. Our telepathic connection influences each other so I claim at least 10% credit


I accept that.


The llama’s reaction is me when I saw this announcement 😁

But I can’t wait to see how this progresses. The blog will surely be an amazing component of the sim :)


Awesome forum-blog integration guys! Can’t wait for updates and news!

Anyone else remember the old blog, when we were told about the 747 and live updates?


Is this where we are going to be told about updates now?


Wow! What an incredible idea! Thank you guys so much for all the work you do for us!!! :)


Why is there a llama? Is it something I don’t understand?


i am happy
just like the llama

Amazing looking blog!




Try clearing the cache - we had to make a change to how we serve the website which might cause this if you have it cached (it’s fixed now). Sorry for the inconvenience!


Amazing work guys! Looks awesome!


Looks Great!! Thanks everyone!


Shout out to @Cameron for bringing this vision to life so beautifully from a technical standpoint! Thanks, Cam.


Looks awesome great job


This is awesome, I think this will be an amazing connection between IFC and Infinite Flight LLC


Well Done Cameron, it looks great!

But Misha, what’s up with your socks?