It's Blog Time

Cool! This will bring us closer as a community and let the Devs deliver messages more effectively and efficiently!

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I still call it FDS for some weird reason.


Quality “So, what does this mean for you?” part right there. I bet Philippe is just sweating bullets that you dont create the mass hysteria

I can’t click on the blue link.
I saw this on Instagram though

I thought that #soongate was global

I wanna read the article, but I get this when I click on the link:

Very wounderful! I feel like that you should give people very little hints on what’s coming to IF. But, still give WIP information and tell the community on what big thing is coming very soon.

So that would mean giving 1 hint at the start of the WIP(plane/livery) and 1 big hint the week of the release.


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Awesome! Looking forward to it!

I think FDS Stands For “Flight Development Studios”

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I’m pretty sure FDS Stands For “Flight Development Studios”

He was being sarcastic. FDS changed its name to Infinite Flight LLC a while back. Regardless, nice blog guys!


That’s good work! Great going guys

Ohhhh! Oppsssess hahaha

Llamas are cool. That’s all there is too it 🦙


So are cats but Llamas are cool too

Great news 👏🏻👍🏻

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I’m 100% certain @MishaCamp chose that picture. But anyways, this looks great, can’t wait to see more!


You’d be 100% wrong 😉


Hmm, well it still gave me a good laugh anyway.

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Ive just checked it out. The blog is nice and user friendly. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant. This what makes Infinite Flight stand out from any other app👌🏽

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