Its Big Easy Time! New Orleans Airport Flyout

It’s Big Easy Time Down In New Orleans! Join us at the historical and party city of New Orleans, Out Of 80-year-old airport: Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport! This event will be held on the Training Serer timezones=“America/Los_Angeles|America/New_York|Europe/London|America/Denver|America/Chicago”].

KMSY Chart

KMSY Airport Diagram Chart:



Digital ATIS

An Up to date Digital Atis for KMSY can be found below. This will be used on the day of the event.

Click Me For The Atis


  • Please spawn at your assigned gate 10 minutes prior to the start of the event.
  • Act professionally at all times.
  • You are responsible for your flight plan and fuel. You can use apps like Sim-brief, Or Flight Plan Data Base
  • Pilots may use SIDs and STARs . These can be found at Skyvector

Online Gate Map Can Be Found Here: MSY Gate Map

Terminal A Flights
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
A1 Breeze Airways A220-300 Charleston (KCHS) @Avaitor1
A2 Breeze Airways A220-300 Richmond (KRIC) @United403
A3 Breeze Airways A220-300 Bentonville (KXNA) @Aviation_Jerry
A4 Allegiant A320-200 Concord (KJQF)
A5 British Airways 777-200ER London (EGLL) @Speedbird_15
A6 Copa Air 737-800 Panama City (MPTO) @WingsofAustria
Terminal B Flights
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
B2 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Tampa (KTPA) @AmericanB772 (thx for u help)
B2 Frontier Airlines A320-200 Denver (KDEN) @Justin_Betances
B4 Southwest Airlines 737-700 St. Louis (KSTL) @KSM_King_Storm
B5 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle (KSEA)
B6 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Cancun (MMUN) @Chaseelliottfan9WG
B7 Southwest Airlines 737-700 San Diego (KSAN)
B8 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Austin (KAUS) @RagonDragon
B9 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Las Vegas (KLAS)
B10 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Chicago (KMDW)
B11 American Airlines A321-200 Philadelphia (KPHL)
B12 American Airlines CRJ-700 Washington D.C (KDCA)
B14 American Airlines 737-800 Miami (KMIA) @Totskiy
B15 American Airlines 737-800 Chicago (KORD)
B16 American Airlines A320-200 Dallas (KDFW) @Butter575
Terminal C Flights
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
C1 Jetblue Airlines A320-200 New York (KJFK)
C2 Delta Airways 737-900 Los Angeles (KLAX) @DeltaStan
C3 United Airlines A320-200 Denver (KDEN)
C4 Delta Airlines A319-200 Detroit (KDTW)
C5 United Airlines 737-800 Chicago (KORD)
C6 Delta Airlines 757-200 Atlanta (KATL) @sideskip
C7 United Airlines CRJ-700 Houston (KIAH)
C8 Delta Airlines 737-900 Salt Lake City (KSLC)
C9 United Airlines A320-200 Newark (KEWR)
C10 Spirit Airlines A320-200 Philadelphia (KPHL) @CitationPilot1
C11 United Airlines 737-800 San Francisco (KSFO)
C12 Spirit Airlines A320-200 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @FO-Rico4Milly
C14 Spirit Airlines A321-200 Cancun (MMUN)
C15 Spirit Airlines A321-200 Chicago (KORD)
C16 Spirit Airlines A321-200 Orlando (KMCO)
Cargo Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 01 FedEx MD-11F Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @AirCanada11
FedEx Cargo Apron 02 FedEx 777-200F Tampa (KTPA)
FedEx Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD-11F Memphis (KMEM)
UPS Cargo Apron 01 UPS 757-200F Miami (KMIA)
DHL Cargo Apron 01 DHL 777-200F Cincinnati(KCVG)
Cargo Apron 01 DHL 757-200F Memphis (KMEM)
Cargo Apron 02 DHL 757-200 Houston (KIAH)

The Event Coordinators Where:

@IFA_YT And @AmericanB772

Air Traffic Control For This Event Is Held By:

Facility Frequency Controller
Ground 121.900 @IFA_YT
Tower 119.500 @IFA_YT
Departure 125.500 @OregonAviaton
Apporach `125.500 @OregonAviaton
Center 126.425 @NvAviator

Could I take approach?

Sure! do you what app?

125.500 freq

Done! see you then

@OregonAviaton / @Butter575 - it asked me to make a new event so you will have to reclick


I will take this gate please

You Are Signed Up. See You Then!

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Can I do center?

Yes. It would be Houston center on 126.425

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done. Thanks for helping

Can I take gate C8?

Done! Thanks For Joining!!

Could I get breeze flight to Richmond

Done! Thanks For Joining!

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Of course!! As a staff member of MXYV, I’m honored to take one of your breeze routes to our amazing Richmond Hub

Brezze VA?

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Yes I spoke correctly 👏

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i may join idk lol


Can I fly a southwest B738 to KTPA please