It's been awhile

Hello IFC

It’s been quite sometime since my last #screenshots-and-videos topic, so here are a few edited photos of some recent flights!


Server: Expert
Route: Various
Flight time: idk
Planes: Many planes

Departing out of Dubai

Cockpit view of the Himalayas

Some GA action in the Himalayas

A short flight with @Julien_Narayanasawmy

Another pic on the ramp

Cruising over the Indian Ocean to Singapore

Over the Atlantic to São Paulo

Tailshot at Dubai

The Queen departing for Atlanta

Departing out of Rhodes to Athens

Hope you enjoyed it!



Wallpaper material these are 👌


Thank you very much! Feel free to use it :)

Veey cool photos @applepro243! The first one looks sick

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Thank you 😊

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This can’t be Infinite Flight dude, is this real life? Those are amazing pics! 🔥


It’s infinite flight haha

thank you so much :))


Simply. Amazing. Keep up the great work!

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Nice pics! They look amazing!

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Thank you so much @TheGlobalAviator and @BlueThunder08 :)

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These are some of the best IF screenshot edits I’ve seen in a long time. I’d take It easy on the blur, but the shots look phenomenal. The Caravan made me think I was looking at an MSFS2020 screenshot! Well done man!

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Amazing photos!

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Thank you for your feedback @CoastieJim, i’m glad you liked the photos 😊

Thank you @Wesley_Fry :))

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Hey @applepro243!

Great shots! Love the minor editing you’ve done to them - adds to the “realism” aspect of them!


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Wow these are amazing pictures!

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Thank you so much @BennyBoy_Alpha and @NayanNair :)

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