It's been a while

Last time I went to an airport was early February, last time to JFK was late August… First photos of airplanes in a long time, this time at HYA. This is a big difference from the usual widebodies I’d be uploading but something new can’t hurt.

You may notice the dust problem is gone. If there are any offending photos, let me know please.

Cape Air Cessna 414A:

I thought Cape Air only had Cessna 402Cs, BN-2As, ATR 42s, and Cessna 208s. Interesting to see a 414A in their colors.

Cape Air Cessna 402C:

The good ol Cessna 402C. Gorgeous aircraft, it will be a great shame to see these retired once the Tecnam P2012 Travelers come online.

Misc. GA Aircraft:

Some lucky (wo)man’s toy:


Nice pics!

Nice cessnas!. I think I saw one of those aircraft in St. Louis Lambert in my first visit to Missouri.

Is the N3050 a citation? Nice pictures, by the way!

Is a Gulfstream I guess @Luis_Fernandes

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Cape air is a big one at KSTL. :) Very good airline for cheep fairs from Chicago…

Ah ok, thanks! @Furtive_masstwofourf

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I almost thought it was piper seneca V.Nice looking though!❤✌

Thank you all.

I’ll run the reg through the FAA database later, but it’s a Gulfstream likely

It’s a gulfstream. You can tell by the round Windows.


Love the pics!

How’d you get so close? :o

Airport perimeter road. I could shoot thru the fence holes. It limited a lot of the angles I could get (Notice how there are no close ups of the sides of some of the Cape Air planes). No long distance lens (50-300) also, only the short one (18-50)


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