It's been 4 years

Not that I or anyone else really cares about all this anniversary stuff. But apparently it’s been 4 years since I joined the IFC!
Hence why I decided to make this fun little list to celebrate :)

My noteworthy achievements here include:

Nothing I can think of

My goals for my future in this Sim / Community are:


I could tell stories about how IF got me into aviation in the first place and all but I wont
Asking why I’m even creating this topic?

(ask @Black_Bird @CrazyBee @Luu @fesa84 @CFG_Hawk @XY_MAGIC @Robert_NG001 @Marcel_NG002 they might have something to do with it)

Also dont take all this too seriously

Anyway I just hope yall have a nice day/night wherever you are right now
Can’t wait to read your anniversary ifc posts in the future :D



Truly inspirational. Congrats on 4 years.



Congrats on 4 Years!

😂 thats the best 4years Anniversary Post i’ve seen here 👌


Too late.
Congrats on four years!

Congrats with your 4 fully years of being a community member of Infinite Flight

That’s amazing! Congrats! Also welcome back to the community!

I have joined the IFC for 3 years, too :)

I’m playing IF since I started the download.
I’ve become what I am without any help of all the guys normally mentioned in these community topic.
I’ll continue playing IF just because of the fun of it.
I’ve no ambitions to strive for any roles in the game others are heavily seeking for.
Why did I write this? No one cares. Thx.


best of all XD

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