It's annoying

Can Infinite Flight add a feature where you only use the runway being used irl. It gets really annoying when someone takes off one the runway when you’re on short final, and it is especially annoying when it’s on the opposite side of where you’re taking off.

We need a button on the Unicom that can say Example: “Hartsfield Jackson is currently using runway ___L/R for takeoff or departure”


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You could create a topic in #features for this.

On ES the is ATIS which tells all the pilots what runways are in use and what the data is. I guess you could say that is kind of like IRL because the IFATC person could choose to have the runways that are being used currently IRL in the sim.

As for having a button on Unicom that does just not make sense. If there was a button like that for pilots more than likely pilots will spam it. It won’t do any good to have it on Unicom anyways. There is no active controller at the airport if Unicom is activated.

The only way I can see this happening is if Infinite Flight invests more money into the global servers to have a bot automatically send it out to all pilots in the area.

And there is a button that is traffic advisory.

We have the traffic advisory message for that,


I believe that button does exist.
“Send traffic advisories “ from memory.

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Request traffic advisories and put this in features if there isnt already a topic

I understand how annoying it is as an ATL resident myself to see someone using 27R for landing or 26R for departure. However, I respect their right to use it, no matter how unrealistic, as long as they are flying professionally and not interfering with existing traffic (using opposite runway that is already being used by another player).

I probably used an unrealistic runway last time I landed at JFK. I don’t really care though. I used Unicom, didn’t interfere with other traffic, and flew an established procedure properly. It would be hypocritical for me to demand other traffic at ATL to fly purely realistically in this sense, even if I get annoyed by it.

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Unfortunately even in real life at an uncontrolled field there is no “active runway”. Pilots are free to use whatever runway they want but must respect right of way rules.

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And what makes you think people will listen?

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I don’t think unicom command is what we need. The biggest issue occurs when two people set up for STARs on opposing runways or something like that outside of airport range.

Anything is possible… for the most part!