It's a's a plane :3

I hope you enjoy these! I took three pictures of aircraft at different times of the day!! Got any pictures that you think look awesome? Post them here and no this is not meant to duplicate any previous posts!!! Just send any aircraft, whether real world aviation, or aircraft that look impressive in their surroundings!
I want to do this because i need some pictures (preferably at dawn) that I can use for a project I have in mind! :)


That’s what this thread is for. :)


I realize that this may possibly a duplicate lol but I’m simply trying to get people to shoot me some pictures I can use

Where did you take that A320 one?

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California region at KLAX

Any photos you have like some of the ones I’ve posted would be incredible! Again I’m creating a project and I need some photos. Any aircraft, any livery, and any region!!!

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