Italy set to have a new Flag carrier

New Flag Carrier

Attempts to save Alitalia have fallen through. With the Airline in the governments hands, they have decied to rename the airline ITA. The new airline will have Fabio Maria Lazzerini as the CEO and Francesco as the chairman. Talks are still happening, and all the while Alitalia is still flying. Local media reports that the government-owned airline will take off in early 2021. The plan for the airline to be a low-cost one has been rejected, so the airline will be in full-service.


My Thoughts

I honestly think this would be a great deal. Alitalia has had a lot of troubles, and hopefully ITA would be a solution to that.

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What, is that short for New Company? lol

Interesting to see what will come in the future


It is short for New Company lol.

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The worst airline name anyone could imagine of.


Sad to see Alitalia go tho. Such an iconic name replaced by that very generic and boring name NeWcO…


That doesn’t sound Italian or good. Dumbest idea ever
They could’ve just kept the name and worked on it from the inside idk why they don’t


Alitalia in their pride 😍

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Alitalia Virtual’s gonna need a makeover 👀

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How about “NewItalia”
Hopefully they can begin to have success moving forward

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But… Alitalia 🥺💔


Could’ve had an Italian name. Newco sounds like some technology manufacturing company. ItaliAir would be better.

But it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

Well “Alitalia” it’s been nice knowing you :l I hope you will be remembered for some time

Don’t worry, folks. “Newco” isn’t going to be the official name. It’s likely to be named ITA (Italia Trasporti Aereo).

I’m pretty sure the name isn’t actually going to be Newco. It’s what they’re temporarily calling this “new company”.

The more formal name will be ITA, or “Italia Trasporti Aereo” Basically they’re going to take over all of Alitalia’s assets. Apparently they’ll maintain the same Alitalia branding everywhere:

But the Alitalia branding will remain at airports and on airplanes. Familiarity may breed contempt, but Alitalia is a household name around the world and the new company will borrow upon that tradition.


I’m sorry. I messed up. I meant to say that ITA is the name and it is referred as NewCo as of now. Let me edit it.

oh come on

Such a creative name 🤔
Al ita lia

Sad to see Alitalia go… 🙁

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Wait, wasn’t LH and DL going to buy Alitalia?

Their name is like SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) but the Italian version


To atempt to clarify a bit how i understood the situation, and elaborate on what @Ishrion said: ITA (Short for, and in english: Italian Air Transport) will only be the name of the Newco that was founded to overtake all of Alitalias assets.

Similarly, old AZ companies were named Alitalia SAI, Alitalia TAI etc… These were all names that were used only for legal purpouses.

The Alitalia branding had always remained, and is speculated to (hopefully) remain the same, even after this rebranding, i think AZs 3rd post-bankrupcy rebranding since 2000! ;)

Only known details rn are that of some fleet changes. E jets fleet will be reduced from 20 to 15, A321s are getting phased out, and as of right now 2 A332s are being returned to their lessor (Etihad who was leasing them at crazy high rates)

Finally, yes AZVA did have a discution around this, and we are readying a doomsday plan, in case the branding actually switches, and our whole VA is made redundant ;)