ITA Airways A320neo

Source:EI-HOD | Airbus A320-272N | ITA Airways | Alberto Cucini | JetPhotos

ITA Airways is the flag carrier of Italy. ITA Airways was founded in 2020 as bankrupt Alitalia’s successor. The airline flies over 70 domestic, European, and intercontinental destinations. The airline is in the process of renewing its fleet and a major part of that renewal is the A320neo. With the A320neo being confirmed in IF this could be a great addition to the sim!

I’m starting to run into a problem. How do I vote for this along with a dozen other things lol


Same lol. Its a cool livery but most of the others are cool too. Its hard to decide

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I had to vote for it . This livery is AMAZING 🤩


Definitely a very beautiful and stand out livery!

Source: EI-INE | Airbus A320-272N | ITA Airways | vadeaviones | JetPhotos

Lets keep it going for ITA!🤩


sono stato il secondo voto, spero siano così tanti :)

I do love this livery

Source: EI-HJD | Airbus A320-272N | ITA Airways | Christian Schürmann | JetPhotos

The livery looks so good on the A320neo😍

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Voted! With the livery confirmed on the BSC3, I hope we get this beauty and the 330 neo as well.


the A320Ceo is confirmed as well, n yeah both the A339 and the A319 should get confirmation

This would be a nice addition to the IF fleet. Sadly I am out of votes.

Voted! Hopefully we will have the (almost) complete fleet someday, with the 320 and 359 already added, the 223 coming soon and hopefully this and the 339 too.