It won’t let me use my username

I am about to do a red eye flight (KDFW-LIRF), and I am trying to connect my username, but I got this notification and I checked all of my devices that I use IF with and all of them were disconnected, can someone help please?

Device: iPad mini 2020

Are you trying to connect with your IFC credentials, correct?

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Yeah, he is .

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Yes I am, I just decided to do my flight without the username connected, if anyone finds out the problem, please type it in here, thank you!

Username not showing in flight isn’t a big deal if you are aiming to general aviation flights, might be a problem if you are through IFATC journeys.

An approach I’d consider will be, try to use the switch accounts option and use your IFC credentials, let’s see what account has it in use and let’s disconnect it.

Let me know if it works!

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Thank you I appreciate it man!

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@moderators please close

All good! Always here to help.

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