It won’t let me go live

I’m trying so hard but I can’t go live can someone help me and give me instructions


@Pilot4 welcome to the community! Can you give us a bit more detail?


Welcome to the community!!

Did you purchase an Infinite Flight Live subscription?


As @anon38496261 said do you have a account if so try logging back in. It also may be possible your subscription has tun out and you have to buy another one (hope this helps). Also welcome to the community!!


This is what happens every time but y’all are fast responders!

Do I have to be on iPad

Or can I be on iPhone 7

Currently I’m on iPhone 7

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Thank you so much

No can u send the link so I can make a subscription

No, you can play IF on any device.

You need to purchase a subscription in order to fly live. You can, however play in “solo” which is located directly under the live button.

Have you purchased a subscription yet? If you tap on your profile you will be able to purchase a subscription.

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@Pilot4 this is how you purchase a subscription.

First, press the “log in” button located on the top right of your screen.

Then, press the continue button

It will then automatically direct you to here, where you can choose which subscription you want.

Hope this help! Cheers!