It was supposed to be sunny... // @ EHEH

“What a nice day for some plane spotting” I foolishly thought

No. It wasn’t.

I was not prepared for the amount of rain and wind that did not appear on the forecast. Being blown around by 20kts wind gusting at what felt like 40kts was not fun, even in a parking garage that was supposed to shelter me from the rain and wind. Enough complaining, enjoy some mediocre photos

Tanker 60 starting up its engines for a short flight to Berlin

A Malta Air 737 max from Milan Bergamo

PH-HZX bound for Copenhagen

9H-QEU from coming from Brindisi

And a photo of the ramp


Very nice photos

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Thanks a lot!

Mother nature at its finest lol. Although great shots!

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The classic Dutch weather strikes again…

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Lol, never expirenced it but it seems that way

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