It was just at grade 2 but now it is at grade 1

This was yesterday

And this was just now

I don’t know what happened

Check logbook

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My guy look at the violations


Oh can I get back to grade 2

Okay thanks

Understood and I see where you’re coming from but it’s up to the OP or a moderator to close or ask to close 👌

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Apologies for the post above, @AmericanB772. Not sure why they’ve decided to turn your topic into their personal chat room to argue and point fingers.

If you’d like, you can provide your current in-app callsign, and I’d be happy to give you firm times on when to expect your grade 2 back.

All the best!


Thank you so much Evan!

Please excuse the immature children in this topic… they’ll get suspended should this occur again.

Regarding your actual post, any thing orange defines that you’re missing or exceeding something for that item.

  • Total landings says you need 100 but you only have 48. You do not meet the requirements.
  • Level 1 violations. You have a ratio of .73. You cannot have more than .50 ratio. You do not meet those requirements either.

For your second picture you managed to rack up 7 violations in the last 24hrs. The goal is not to get violations. lol. That would be reason why you’ve been demoted a grade. Be more careful out there.