It was deleted

after i sent a lot of messages to moderators i did not find an answer … my topic was deleted and it was not seen by members! i don’t know why the reason has not been given to me until now. knowing that the subject was talking about a flight that lasted 55 continuous hours, i mentioned that there was an error from the tower control where i waited more than an hour in the taxi and this is possible, but there are planes that come from behind and take off while we are waiting take off! just this is what you mentioned !? why is the topic deleted? is there an error in it when you mentioned what happened?

Hello! I believe the reason it was closed is because there is already a thread for people to post their longest flights, which can be seen here :)

Not so, I think there is something

No, the explanation already given is the reason why. Your topic was deleted because there was already a place to post your flight.

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It was not, it was completely deleted without stating any reasons

Because the other community members had already told you why it was going to be deleted beforehand.


Do I need to tell you why this one is going to be closed/deleted too?


Okay tell me

Because we already have another thread to post it


See the highlighted post below. We have other threads that you can post your achievements in. Helps reduce clutter here on the forum when we keep topics and achievements such as yours in one central location.

Thanks for the help!