It says VNAV disabled

So apparently im flying from Vancouver to Manila I was trying to remove A waypoint since I got mine from flight plan database however I had my VNAV on during the flight and shortly after takeoff when I got on a cruising altitude it said "VNAV disabled no altitude waypoint however, I had my altitude on So just incase when I go near manila im able to descent.

I had to end my flight and restart it

Hey Miguel! Did you have an altitude filed in any of your waypoints on the arrival?

Yes, 3,900 then 1,000 900, 900 400 400.

Also every time when I press VNAV it says unavailable and it made go away from my flight plan.

That’s weird. Do you have a picture of what it says?

I have proof tho, hold on I have it on my iPhone.

It says no altitude set. Can you include a picture of the altitudes set for your waypoints?

I also had a stall issue before with this Aircraft but, I resolved it.

I dont have the picture but It was 3,900 2,000 1,000 900 400 400 for The apporach.

Sounds like a technical issue with the app. Unless, are you using VNAV on a third party app? If so, that may be why.

Oh, im only using infinite passenger and an iPhone 6s.

I’ll try to depart again tho.

I’m not sure how Infinite Passengers works, but if that app has an option for VNAV and you have altitudes inputted in that app but not in the IF app, that could be why.

(I may not be 100% correct, someone kindly correct me if I’m wrong)

The iPhone 6s, was only the gadget that supports 21.4

Okay, I also would like to say that I had a stall problem before with the a350 but I resolved it.

ill make my flight plan

Infinite Passengers is just a third-party app with sound packs for cabin announcements, boarding music, and safety videos, so it should not be affecting VNAV at all.

@anon94858731, this seems odd, but it’s quite difficult to tell without a screenshot of your flight plan and the user interface map of your flight plan. If you could regenerate it in app, that would be extremely helpful.

In NAV > SOURCE tab what is selected?