It says i am grade one

why dose it say i am grade one will I have my real grade back when its fixed??

What was your grade before?

So is it correct that I can not fly on expert anymore? (Was grade 3)

Since you are now grade 1, yes, you won’t be able to fly on the expert server.

I think im going to be Grade 4 from Grade 5 😢😢

Oh wow… Why did I even fly before then?

These new restrictions are there so the expert server can remain the expert server.
And not end up as a “professional” training server

Everyone complained about Expert being unprofessional, and the developers listened


Can you provide me with your callsign?

it was grade 4

Well okay get that but due to work I might not be able to meet the G3 requirements (landing per 90 days etc.) And that’s pretty bad in my opinion. I love IF but only really on Expert. And if I’m not able to fly on expert due to work idk if I’ll continue actively…

Well, an option is to fly patterns.
This way you can get landings fast.

But when you do all the landings in 1 day you have 90 days to catch up as they all wil disappear in 90 days

This is related to the ongoing server issues.

This is a known technical issue at the moment and the developers are working as fast as possible to resolve it.

More information can be found here. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.