It’s time for maturity

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts getting closed because of immature/inappropriate posts. A reminder that this community is for Infinite Flight! It’s not the place to talk about anything else than that or aviation. Please, before you post, think if what you’re posting really is important. If you’re gonna say something which isn’t related to IF or aviation, then it probably isn’t appropriate to be posted.
Just wanted to post this so we can all take a minute to think next time before posting.


People will learn after they get flagged or their topic gets closed of what not to do and what’s accepted here and usually proper topics are listed to assist the user if they are making a topic. Always a good reminder though. :)


Sadly this happens all the time. It’s part of being a community. We play a little, go off topic a little, and just live a little at times here on the IFC.

As a community we just tend to ‘do’ this like everywhere else in the world. That’s why we’ve always got the trusted Regulars and moderators of the community to help out, and hey, we all learn by making mistakes, it just makes us that extra bit human. :)


And I suppose this topic is about Infinite Flight or aviation?

This is what the moderators are for :)

Not to be rude, but that’s why they’re here. They play an important role in keeping our community civil and on topic.

Also, it’s a little rude to call the entire community immature. Just saying.


Thanks for the reminder. The community has seen an increase of traffic with everyone being home.

The simplest thing every member can do is to utilize the flagging functionality when appropriate. Please review the flagging guidelines for more information.