It’s The Flash!


So, even though it’s been awhile since the Flash Flight from Denver (KDEN) to San Francisco (KSFO), But I’ve decided to post these photos now. So, let’s get started, it was a great flight. That’s all I can say, well, and thanks ATC for getting that huge mass of planes from KDEN to KSFO. It was a great flight, turbulent at times, headwind most of the time, but I enjoyed it, even with an hour long approach (holding pattern). Let’s see some photos now!

These first two photos of aircraft at the gates at KDEN, I don’t know who’s specifically in these photos, but I know they’re community members, so hello!

Two fellow US Airways A320’s and a UAL A320 taxi to Runway 16L while I climb out of a windy KDEN in the background.

The day of the Flash Flight was very windy and turbulent, but I (back) and another A320 (front) successfully took off.


The approach to KSFO was much calmer than KDEN, it wasn’t that windy. But there were so many planes I was in a holding pattern, the approach was about an hour, but I had a safe approach to runway 28L behind a US Air A320 and JetBlue A321 behind me on 28R.

Soft and safe landing at KSFO, I’m not going to say butter or grease so I don’t start a flight of comments about the correct term.

At the gate with 2 other A320’s (one UAL and one US Air) and a UAL 737.

Thank you all ATC for getting us quickly in and out of the airports smoothly and the pilots for behaving. I hope you enjoyed these photos from the Flash Flight feedback is accepted. Have a great day!


nice pics how many people were there?

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Thank you @Speed_bird_50! There was roughly 70 - 100 people at KDEN, they spread out during the flight, so it was hard to count at KSFO.

Thanks @Tim_B, didn’t notice the mistake.

Ataboy! its still grease btw haha

Great pics, I loved the filter/editing style you used!


I’m guessing Apple photo editing again? xd

Anyway great pictures as always!
So do you use the saturation/vibrance feature? Look like it

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Those are some nice high quality shots right there, Great Work!

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Thanks for the kind words @Vinne, @Anshul28 and @TransportForLife! And I use Contrast and Brilliance filters the most, but I use some others too. I like to keep the IF feel, so I just edit the colors and lighting.