It’s still doing it

I did a flight and yet the 3d airport still didn’t load when I was less then 15 NM. Why does this keep happening.

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Refresh your scenery cache

I refreshes the app before I did the flight.

Not your app, your scenery cache there is a difference.

Scenery cache? What does that mean?

The other day KDEN took some distance to load in for me, so I think it’s somewhat normal

Doesn’t always work

try extending your approach

Make sure you’re about 25nm from the airport before coming around and try again and make sure the airport doesn’t unload (worked for me 3 times)

Ok thanks for the information🙂

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Thanks for the information

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I refreshed my scenery cache 3 times when I was on final when the airport KLGA didn’t show up and it didn’t do anything.

This happens to me at times too. What I do is that I go around and fly out for some distance until the airport is no longer visible. I then come back around and land normally.

How do you handle the atc while doing it.

  1. Excecute go around
  2. Request departure to north/south/blah balh

If all else fails, divert!

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Ok thanks, for the advice

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