It’s Scandinavian! 1971-2020

Shots of three generations SAS widebodies

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Flight time:
Copenh.-Newark (EKCH-KEWR) around 8 hrs.
Copenh.-Chicago(EKCH-KORD) around 9 hrs.

SAS 747-200 First flight 1971, EKCH-KEWR. Last flight 1987. This livery was introduced in 1983

SAS A330-300 First flight 2002, EKCH-KEWR. Still in service. This livery was introduced in 1998 together with the SAS A340

SAS A350-900 with the new SAS livery. First flight 2020, EKCH-KORD


These are some very cool photo edits!

I’m happy to say they are also flying to KEWR! It wasn’t the first flight for the 350 obviously but im glad they didn’t give up on Newark!


Lucky you living close to EWR 🙂 I saw the SAS A350 irl for the first time today at ENGM.

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Wow that is pretty cool! Haven’t been able to spot or see any planes at all due to temperature and with the current global status 😔

But I can’t wait for the summer when things should at least calm down a bit haha

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Those are some nice photos! Great job!

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I’m loving these! Super well done!

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Really sick shots bud!

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