It’s Playtime! PLAY Airlines Announces Flights To Baltimore and Boston

PLAY To Launch Flights To The US

It’s play time! Play, the Icelandic carrier that was your replacement for wow air when they shut down, starting out just over a year ago has now announced that they will be serving Boston and Baltimore in the United States from their Reykjavík hub.

Not too many details have been given, but it is assumed that they will be starting the service on their Airbus A321NEO aircraft. If you remember Wow, or how Icelandair operates now, you know that the Icelandic airline industry, along with being a way for travelers to get there, is a cheap budget way to get across the Atlantic. These new flights will help encourage travelers to connect through Iceland, as play has not been able to explore this sector yet since this is their first flight to the Americas.

Flights to Baltimore will begin on April 20, while Boston will begin on May 11.


The amount of neon red gives me eye cancer xD

Thanks for the report!

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Nice to see A321neo in action over the Atlantic

Hoping to see Play come to Pittsburgh since WOW left. 🥲

This is exciting! Can’t wait to see it through videos ofc lol

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