It’s not jng!

Hey everyone, JNG here. Not really sure what category to put this in but I Haven’t been active recently with IF/YouTube related things. Been busy with a lot of things IRL. Just a PSA, I do NOT have a Live Sub so if you see someone flying as JNG Aviation,

Causing Trouble, it’s Not me. Thanks.


Hey, I don’t think this belongs to the IFC. But I think #live should be better for this. Thanks!

Unfortunately as you are popular this stuff happens. If you don’t feel comfortable you can contact @moderators who might be able to help.

There is a new display name feature coming out soon that should help with this though!


Shakes head after threatening to report whoever that was for going 350kts on final and then PMing jng on the forum

But actually, this is a concern and can be taken to the higher ups if there’s continuing issues.


True, I’ve Seen someone with @ Swiss in their display name

Pretty sure we all have at some point unfortunately.

Some people 🤷‍♀️

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Isn’t it great this will no longer be an issue in 20.2 hey? ;)


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