It’s Jeb Brooks From…

Hello jetsetters, it’s Jeb Brooks from Today you join me on an A350 from Helsinki, to Western USA capital, Los Angeles.

This flight will take us a total of 12 hours from wheels up, to wheels down. Going over more than 5 states, and flying over or at least close to 4 countries! Our maximum cruising altitude was 42,000 feet. Sadly in Helsinki, I could find any lounge. Mostly because the building didn’t exist.

Here’s the A350 taking us to Los Angeles. Already fueled up and ready to board its passengers! Also, did I tell you were flying economy? That’s how confident I am it will be a comfortable and smooth flight all the way!

At my seat with the perfect wing view, and this seat is very, very comfortable! Sadly, I’m not flying business class, so don’t expect any pre-flight drinks today. The seat I’m in, has a wide screen, perfect tray table, and well, other basic features you need on an 12 hour flight.

Taxiing was no biggie, it wasn’t busy that afternoon at Helsinki, it was mostly very quiet. After liftoff those A350 engine can roar! Seeing the views of Helsinki above is like a surprise gift. If you ever get the chance, fly this route and you’ll enjoy the views, trust me!

We’ve reached our current cruising altitude of 32,000 feet. One thing I was a little surprised was how fast they served lunch! I ordered my food and in about 2 minutes it came to me with my Orange juice that I kindly asked for. Soon enough we hit turbulence over Scandinavia, in which is when I started thing about my life choices.

If you couldn’t tell this is Iceland. Well, technically it is. This is where we reached our cruising altitude if 36,000 feet. Everybody is happy and amazed of the views we got while flying on Greenland’s coast, I opted for another Orange juice and just watched Greenland go by.

The only thing scary in this A350 is how pitch black it is. Anyways, dinner came as fast as the lunch did, and I opted for Orange juice. at this point we’re over Denver, and I wish it didn’t come to an end so quickly.

Descending into the City of angels. Now, this flight was amazing, the crew was amazing and everybody has a good time, except with the turbulence. It’s all down to the pilots and ATC to work together and get this bird safely in the ground.

Touchdown! That landing was really smooth, and we got on the ground quickly. It may have looked like we were put on 25L by ATC. Who knows and cares anyways?

Quick short crossing over the runway, with some nice views of seeing down the stretch of the thing that unites people together, and bring people to new places!

At the gate, going to go to my hotel, to maybe catch my flight to Miami in a few days, but first the most awesome scoring of mine is:


Lounge: N/A Reason: Building don’t exist for some reason in Helsinki.
Seat: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 Reason: Seat was very comforting, and gave a nice welcome message with us being there, the seat is… not perfect as I found an issue with the recline. But that doesn’t matter.

Crew and Meal service: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 Reason: The crew worked hard, especially if they got my meal in 2 minutes! They never gave a rude attitude, and such.

The Jeb score approves that you should fly this route, if you have the chance!

Anyways. I’m Jeb Brooks, see you in the skys…. Next year.

Happy 1 year of Jeb Brooks topics. I will do this once a year Until I can’t anymore. I hoped you enjoyed. This took place on the training server, by the way. Here’s the first topic from exactly last year: Hello guys it’s Jeb Brooks from-


This is a beautiful twist at a tripreport 😆.

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How do you maneuver the fee cam to get that inside cabin view?

Very nice photos! :)

They are most likely using the “Interior Drone Camera” It is a bit less sensitive that the free camera and is good for interior shots. Its even better on the Aircraft with completed interiors.

Is there actually a interior drone cam option?

I know so sad hopefully Helsinki gets buildings soon

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🤣🤣 i love this tbh. Very interesting.

Yes, it is in the same category of free camera you just need to slide up to one of the other boxes. They have interior and exterior Drone camera in addition to Free Camera


This was fantastic. I really felt like that he was talking. Great job!

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Interesting I’ve never seen that camera option before I must have missed it

I can’t wait to see the posts of you going to Miami. I would like to see them. I’m dying for it. But anyways, nice trip report right there

Nice 😂

Did anyone else read this entire post in Jeb’s voice?

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Yes I totally did it sounded so real

I totally did 🤣

Ah yes Jeb Brooks, I was gonna say you forgot the Jeb Brooks score lol, nice pics!

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