(It’s here!) Infinite Flight Creation - Observe

Hello, and Merry Christmas!!!

It’s here. Yet another of my signature Infinite Flight Creations. This is my Christmas present from me to you. Enjoy the skillful cinematography, the music, the landings, the F-22 formations!

Shots were taken on various servers in various locations with all sorts of aircraft and the most beautiful liveries. Special mentions include the Civil Air Patrol livery Cessna 172, various new locations because I now have Pro, and, for the first time on my channel, the A350-900.

I am seriously proud of myself for this piece of art, so please provide all feedback!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, This. Is.


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A shoutout goes to @Jrpilot5, @Logan (formerly known as Butter249) , and @Butter_Boi for joining me in the F-22 formations. These skilled pilots deserve our credit. Thanks guys!


Not too bad would have been better if there wasn’t as much ear rape (even though I like ear rapes) but other than that not bad mate.


I got to give it to u man this was so nicely edited that A380 🤣 also maybe earphones are not needed 🤣👊🏽👍

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The F-22 shots? That was intentional actually :)

Hmm seemed like there was a lot more than that at the start. Maybe I’ve just gone crazy as it’s Christmas Day and enjoying my new Xbox.


@anon38496261 thanks for making the video good. Maybe try to make to volume a bit lower.
Glad to be in it!

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Hey guys.

I’ve recieved some reports of a lesser sound quality resembling an earrape. I now would like your opinion.

Should I re-upload with corrected sound?

  • Yes, because RIP headphones users
  • No, this video is awesome :)

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My computer hates me sometimes. I’ll probably re-upload with better sound. I created a poll below.

My ears aren’t bleeding put I would say you re-upload it.

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I’m famous! And merry Christmas, this was a great present, awesome job on the video.

24 mins till’ Christmas here 🎄😄


I regret playing this on the Living Room TV forgetting to set the volume at midnight. RIP my neighbors sleep.


Seen as everyone’s ears are bleeding from the video:


Ok, ok, I’ll re-upload, get off my back 😂

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You know, it could be that ALL of your guys’ speakers are just really bad 😂


Ooh, plot twist!

It’s official, Merry Christmas from the east coast! 🎄😄


That flex 😂


The re-upload is coming soon! Make sure to check back here to see it in non-earrape form! :)

Nah. PS4 gang 😏💪

@anon38496261 what happened to the video? I click on it but it says it’s not available.


Apparently, my computer made it sound fine in the editor, but when I exported it, it was one 3.5 minute long earrape 😂

I had to delete it temporarily so that people don’t watch the bad version for a little bit, decide it’s bad, and never come back to the fixed version. It will be out tomorrow morning (in probably 12 hours, max)

You will not want to miss it, so please check this thread later!


Glad to see you’re taking the feedback on board. Hopefully your editor doesn’t make the same mistake again.

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