It’s finally showed up! Icelandair Hekla Aurora Borealis Livery at LHR (30-06-21)

Hey everyone!
As some of you may know I work at LHR doing check in/gates for Icelandair and have made topics regarding the different aircrafts/liveries that come in! Well here comes the one many of you have been waiting for! TF-FIU aka Hekla Aurora!

The aircraft coming into stand 242 as FI450

body shot

Hekla Aurora

Story behind the name of the aircraft

Boarding completed and ready to take the jet bridge off

#mystopover winglet

Jet-bridge coming off


It hasn’t flown to London Heathrow in a long time so it was nice to see the aircraft return!

Photo credits: me ☺️


This is the best special livery of all time, no competition! (except maybe Vatnajokull 😉)

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Love this livery

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I love to see it! These picture make me miss Iceland 🥺

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I still need to make my trip there! I’m glad you had a good time!

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Awesome! Love that livery

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It’s a stunning one! 😍

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