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I don’t know if everyone’s explaining this to you correctly, so let me explain. Once you go on the website,, You can apply for ATC. After you apply, you will get a message on the AFC from a recruiter within 72 hours.

Once they message you, they will introduce yourself and they will provide you the information you need to use to take the real test. I highly recommend taking this practice test before you take the real test so you know what you did wrong. The practice test resembles the actual test, so if you do well on the practice, you should do just fine on the real once.

If you get an 80% or higher, you will be taken into the practical test. The practical test is where they will test your ATC skills in the game. They will give you a time and an airport and there will be about five testers there which will fly a pattern. If you are able to pass that, you are in!

If you fail that, you are given the option to wait 14 days and retake or you can get training from a professional IFATC trainer. If you fail, I highly recommend getting a trainer. Once the trainer thinks you’re ready (after many practice sessions), You will get to retake the practical test. If you fail again, you get one more chance to train with your trainer again and retake. After three sales on the test, you have to wait 90 days and restart the process.


Please note that you have to wait 3 months after your last ghost by an IFATC !

Thank you Sir this helps a lot!

I plan to do this.

Can you PM me please? IFATC application question / timezone related.

The last violation I had was a level 1 report

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